Šibenik riviera is special due to its unique combination of atmosphere of old Dalmatia and modern standard of accommodation and amenities.

Traditional wooden boats on Kaprije, coral jewelry from Zlarin and and stone bunje from Žirje are symbol of harmonious cohabitation of nature and humans.

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Tribunj offers an authentic ambiance of Dalmatian city. The original settlement dates from the 16th century. Sea flora and fauna and the clear water make Tribunj an ideal setting for swimming, scuba-diving and underwater safari. Tribunj features one of the most numerous fleet of fishing boats in central Dalmatia. When the boats return from the sea, Tribunj waterfront becomes a display of fresh fish, crabs and other sea food.

The city also offers variety of cultural events - festivals, traditional summer folk festivities, exhibitions, concerts in churches, cultural and musical events on outdoor stages and hotel terraces, open air disco, night clubs.

City of Šibenik, National park Krka, National park Kornati, islands of the Šibenik archipelago and small picturesque settlements and cities with the Mediterranean charm are reachable by car, bus and boat within 5 to 30 minutes ride.

City of Šibenik and its historical core with numerous churches and convents, stone houses and palaces, fancy portals and coats of arms all tell us about the rich historical and cultural heritage.

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 vodice City of Vodice offers dozens of restaurants, cafés and bars, amenities, activities and nightlife.
NP Kornati is a natural phenomenon of the Dalmatian limestone, it is made up of a unique set of islands and reefs. Fascinating scenery is complemented with high cliffs as well as the diligence of human hands: stone buildings and field walls, characteristic of the Mediterranean.  kornati1v
 NP Krka  NP Krka - on its decent to the sea the river Krka creates 7 noisy, picturesque waterfalls which make up a beautiful fresh oasis during the summer heat.

Šibenik archipelago, with the tame lagoons and clear sea, are the place of true beauty and untouchable quietness. The islands of the olive makers, vine makers and fisherman to this day keep the traditions of old life.



Do you prefer faster pace of life?

You can spend the excess of your energy many adrenalin-pumping activities – sailing, diving, cycling, big game fishing, parasailing ....you can play tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball or have a game of miniature golf.


Apartment 1 Apartment 2



is on the top floor of the Vila,
with an area of ca 70m²
is on the ground floor of the Vila,
with an area of ca 70m²

 In addition to apartments Vila Sovja, we also offer apartments Lujini Dvori.

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